2019 No Turkeys Sold Retail Carignan

2019 No Turkeys Sold Retail Carignan

2019 No Turkeys Sold Retail Carignan

Deliciously supple, light and versatile.

This field blend was hand-harvested from the carignan and petite sirah vines of the Heins Block of our estate vineyard; The cobbly, volcanic soil of this block is is named for our great great aunt and uncle Effia and Ralph Heins. In the lows of the depression they raised over 10,000 turkeys at Beltane to lay fertile eggs which were shipped to families to hatch their own flock......a forgotten industry but one that can surely be appreciated by today's renewed interest in homesteading. Their sign "No Turkeys Sold Retail" hung from 1936 on and is now displayed in our kitchen. At once rustic and refined, and bottled in lighter eco-friendly packaging, this wine seems to fit the pioneering, farming spirit of the Heins....consider it your homestead wine! We hope they would be proud. - Alex, Alexa & Lauren

Consider a six pack for the holidays. We call it a flock.

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