Originally home to the Wappo Indians, the storied lands comprising Beltane Ranch have hosted a fascinating collection of characters. The chosen site for pioneer viticulturist John Drummond’s vineyards in 1879, the property has grown fine wine grapes, fruit, olives and more, on and off for well over a century. In 1892, mysterious San Francisco civil rights hero Mary Ellen Pleasant founded “Beltane Ranch” and erected the southern-inspired Victorian Ranch House as we know it today. The property later fell on hard times and after horse traders and squatters camped out in the dilapidated ranch house, our ancestors, Aunt Effia & Uncle Ralph Heins purchased the property in 1936. In the years since our family has moved from farming turkeys for fertile eggs, returning to growing winegrapes, olives and produce, and raising cattle, horses and heritage breed laying hens. In the 1960’s Rosemary Wood began restoring the house, room by room, and opened as one of wine county’s first Bed & Breakfasts. Today the ranch is operated by the our fourth & fifth generation owners and focusing on fine wine production and agritourism.


The story of the Land



Six Generations of our Family at Beltane Ranch



The personalities at Beltane Ranch